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The Sexam (Koman: Sexam.png sēqām, IPA: /θəxɒ:m/) is the traditional and official currency used in Komania.


The word sēqām has been historically used as a common designation for all kind of currencies, often translated as "coin" or "money", the sēqām has been traditionally used in the Great Horde along other forms of currency until the 15th century, where it became officially the sole form of money used throughout the empire. The word comes the diminutive of qām meaning "ten", the number base historically used for this currency.


The Sexam was originally produced in form of coins from the 9th century onwards during the rise of the semi-nomadic Kalkali state. Traditionally, the earliest coins had the characteristic of being thin, often with a sided hole to make its handling easier. A more formal and regulated form of the sēqām appeared with the establishment of the Great Horde where it came in many variants, often produced both in gold and iron and rarely in bronze. The Sexam has been historically mass-produced using the number base 10 (hence "ten" in its etymology) but has through time varied in value, today it is produced exclusively in the base of 10, 50 and 100.

The word sēqām begun to be applied both for paper money and coins during the 18th century, shortly after the fall of the Great Horde.

Banknotes and Coins