Sessicon I

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Sessicon I
Empress Sessicon in 1363, private portrait
Native nameSēssicȯn Maromīŋa Áṡalin Osverā
BornÄshõlintl Dloqa Lhiht
(1298-03-11)March 11, 1298
DiedFebruary 1, 1401(1401-02-01) (aged 102)
NationalityOsveraali Empire

Sessicon I (Imperial Osveraali: Sēssicȯn Maromīŋa Áṡalin Osverā ['se:s:ɪkɞn mɐɾɔ'mi:ŋɐ 'a:ʃɐlɪn ɔsvɛ'ɾɑ:], Old Shyorian: Osfödatl Sesikön [ɔsfœ'dɑt͡ɬ sɛsi'kœn], born Äshõlintl Dloqa Lhiht [aʃə'lint͡ɬ 'd͡ɮɔʡa ɮeħt], 11 March 1298 - 1 February 1401) was Queen of Usuva, Qatilluu and Shyorisaech and the fifth Osveraali Empress from 1362 until 1401. She was a member of the Shyorian Ashalin noble house, closely tied with the Osvera family that had been ruling the empire for over a century at the time of her birth. The Ashalin belonged to the ethnic minority of the Atqlha; as such, Sessicon's native language was Old Shyorian. With her marriage to Empress Avarin's brother Berathra in 1320, she became a member of House Osvera and took the name Sessicon, keeping the Osveraalised name of her birth family as a personal name.

Having become the closest friend and most trusted confidante of the Empress by the time of her death, she was named heir in the childless Avarin's will and succeeded to the throne in 1362. Her reign ushered in a golden age for the Shyorian language and culture, for which she is venerated in Tlha Ngai to this day. While remembered as a great patron of art, literature and architecture, Sessicon was also responsible for widespread corruption and administrative inefficiency, leading to the Empire's first major political crisis after her death in 1401.