Shaelic languages

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Shaelic Sea, Parshita
Linguistic classification:One of Sahar's primary language families
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The Shaelic languages are a language family spoken in East Miraria, with languages spoken in Athsud, Czisilia, Farmosh and Kaisen, as well as minorities in Fazulavaz and Juhashka. It is divided into three primary branches, Milevic, Deyatsa, and Tlukerian, though the classification of the latter branch is highly controversial and may be paraphyletic. The Milevic languages are by far the largest branch with well over 99% of all speakers, with Deyatsa and Tlukerian being limited to less than 100,000 speakers on the Tlukerian Islands of Fazulavaz and the mainland of Kasiiralq. Overall, there are estimated to be over 100 million speakers of Shaelic languages, with the largest language being Athsudan.

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