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Sun Knot.png
ScriptureThe Akam
Religious HeadXaṡar 'Takaabïj'
RegionTaanttu Sea
FounderAkru Taçaran
Origin~700 BCE
Tribal Ṡavïr

Inheriting many of the traditional qualities of the traditional fire cult of the prebavkir culture on the island of Ṡavir, Ṡavirsiid (Light-faith) developed parallel to the growth of Sidharkuv in the lands of what would become modern day Bavkirak. While they do regard the Akam as being a canon scripture, as it shares the traditional stories of the Bavkirs and Pre-Bavkir people. In Ṡavirsiid the primacy of many of the gods is denied, for they elevate the fire and light deities of Zalaz, Kubur and Ṡoyok above the rest of the pantheon.

Many of the festivals and rituals of Ṡavirsiid are shared with those found in Sidharkuv, but the symbolic emphasis is changed to focus on different spiritual aspects, deities, or spirits.

The Trinity

Zalaz - The god of fire, represents the nourishing and sustaining aspect of the world. He represents both the creative and destructive or pure and impure uses of fire.

Kubur - The living god of the sun represents creation, life, and beginnings. Kubur shines light upon the world, and represents the pure aspect of the universe in the same role as Kyal. Kyal, then, is relegated to a god of the sea.

Ṡoyok - The dead god of the sun represents destruction, death, and ends. Ṡoyok rules over the stars and in the sky, and has dominion over all the darkness.

The Eternal Flame

The eternal flame is worshipped above all other universal concepts. The power of fire to purify is considered one of the primary aspects of its existence, while it still retains many of the beliefs and customs that orthodox devotionism portrays. The three aspects of fire displayed are the processes of igniting fire, maintaining fire, and depleting fire. Zalaz, being the forge god, is the maintainer of the great fire which sustains all life on the planet, and ultimately changes from one thing to the next, as fire changes the form of objects from one to another. Kubur is, as he has died in orthodox cannon, associated with the aftermath of fire’s consumptive fury. Kubur could be considered a death god of the Fire-worshippers, the bringer of ash. And, just as a forest regrows after a fire, Ṡoyok will bring forth new creation to kindle a new fire and start the cycle over again.

The Akam

"First there will come a tongue of black fire, igniting all of our hearts. It will move as the wind, connecting our people under a single cause. The cause will boil over in our hearts until it is but a dim simmer, having been expended. The ashes will then be trampled upon by a gazelle as it comes in from the East. The gazelle will rest in the thickets, watching for encroaching predators, but will be poisoned by a snake.

This snake, for its action will be devoured by a great bird.

In the image of this great bird, a large bird will be crafted from using the bones of the gazelle as a frame. It will be decorated with all the glamour of our people and be regarded as a beautiful treasure. The bird will leave its place in the clouds, and move from tree to tree, eventually gorging itself on a great fig tree and in its blindness its left wing will be clipped. Eventually the seeds that were ingested by the bird will grow into a tree to feed the people, and the bird will nest in the tree.

But the tree will be cut down, killing both the tree and the bird, and will be fashioned into a wreath, which will burn in a funeral pyre, scattering the ashes to the four corners of the world. In doing so, the wreath, and the descendants of the lumberjack who crafted the wreath will be forever tainted for breaking the cycle. I pity their fates." -Jeled Chpt 24, Vrs 20-23

"The Great God has poured out his blood upon this place, let it prosper for the first-fruits of his work have been seeded here. Let it be a beacon of purity and shine like Ṡoyok, lest it fall to corruption and be destroyed." -Nakrod Chpt 2, Vrs 1.