Shode Kel

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Shode Kel
Etymology: Empty Shadow or Empty Sea
 • Total6,154 km2 (2,376 sq mi)
 • Total176,004
 • Density29/km2 (74/sq mi)

Shode Kel is the smallest state in Tuanmali at just 6,154 km2 (2,376 mi2). Located at the northernmost part of Tuanmali's coast along the Taanttu Sea, its capital shares the name Shode Kel, which either means "empty shadow" or "empty sea". Although a small, often overlooked state, Shode Kel has a robust fishing industry and is home to Tæmnok Īn Bazugu, producer of handmade leather goods that is slowly becoming a tourist destination.

Shode Kel borders the nation of Bavkirak to the northwest. Internally it borders Kitsi Wehūn to the north, Gesigra to the west, and Tsugōnzhajn to the southwest.