Soltennan Council

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Soltennan Council
Largest cities Alotol City
Official languages tbd
Type Intergovernmental organisation
 -  Chairman tbd
 -  Cuáma Conference 9 Nov 2006 
Currency Various
Internet TLD .sc
a. All languages spoken on Sahar are accepted as working languages of International Congress.

The Soltennan Council (SC) is a regional and economic intergovernmental organization of 18 states located in Western Miraria. Its members have a combined area of (n/a) and a total population of (n/a).


Previous iterations

The idea of Soltennan solidarity was popular in Western Miraria since the Imperial Age and often manifested itself around Lake Soltenna. Rietic nationality was particularly strong during this period, producing the Four Swords and the Alotol Confederation.


The Council was established at the Cuáma Conference on 9 November 2006. The original idea for an economic organization between Soltennan states first appeared following the Great Ekuosian War but was often considered too difficult to undergo given the economic devastation in Central Soltenna and the sudden prevalence of Kuulism in the region. The previous chairman of the Soltennan Council, Name nameson, told the founding members following the Cuáma Conference that "This dream could only be realized at this moment because of steps taken by the Qonklese government to reform and reverse previous policies that made the rest of Soltenna unwilling to work with them."

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