Sons of Sonka

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Sons of Sonka
OriginKumasi, Sonka
GenresFolk X
Years active2015-Present

The Sons of Sonka (occasionally styled as The SONS of SONKA) are a Sonkhai folk X band that formed in 2015 in Kumasi. They use a blend of traditional Sonkhai singing and instrumentation along with a modern flare of X music and X. They've gained recent traction in Sonka since 2018 after (relasing?) the single "the Glorious Jimashim Sonka" (Zadaaz Zimáázim Sonkáá).


Before 2018, the band was confined to mostly performing locally in Kumasi, singing one off songs and taking shows where they could. Little is known about how the band formed exactly, and little has been elaborated by the band's members. Most of these performances are preserved in the form of older videos on the internet. In 2018 the group released their single the "the Glorious Jimashim Sonka", and published a music video online. The video was quickly picked up and spread by internet users of Balak origin, and was perpetuated through memes on various types of social media and messaging boards. The band embraced this newfound fame, and included the song in their Xth album "Sonkhai Glory". Since 2018, they've been congratulated by numerous Sonkhai politicians for spreading awareness of Sonkhai culture, music, and history. In April of 2019 they were invited to play in Gubasi for the King of Sonka Sonka Ayam, and was their most attended performance, with X people coming to hear the band perform various songs from "Sonkhai Glory" and other Sonkhai folk songs.