South Herayan

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Southern Herayan Territory of the Balak Empire
Şicuyeh Herayan
Overseas imperial colony



Capital Not specified
Political structure Overseas imperial colony
Historical era Colonial
 •  Purchased 1868
 •  Incorporation as Imperial Constituency 1891
 •  Partition of Kaiyyo 1924
 •  Dissolved 1951
Warning: Value specified for "continent" does not comply

South Herayan (Balak: Şicuyeh Herayan) or the Southern Herayan Territory was a colonial state in Lahan under the Balak Empire. It was a subdivision of the Herayan Territories, most of which which were purchased from the dwindling Saruan Empire starting in the 19th century, and which eventually came to cover most of the continent.

South Herayan remained under Balak control until the 20th century, with the partition of Kaiyyo into a semi-independent protectorate state in 1924 and the eventual independence of Thuyo, alongside all other Lahani holdings, after the end of the Great Ekuosian War in 1951.