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  • Write about the Entire Fucking Mess that was Shivowotü in the late 1800s. sth sth hausmann somewhere prolly
  • Bavkir government systems and specifically its application in modern mwamba. convert schematics into an actual wiki post
    • What unwritten but effective mechanisms de facto guarantee the chief justice is never from Shivowotü and usually from Pyivüüh? spooky
  • Hot takes on syncretism: Unorthodox pashaism x state pashaism, practices common to dohmism and devotionism and transitional between them, whatever other cool stuff i can think of
  • Mwamban names: First names were N-N N-Adj type compounds and for most of history people didn't have surnames, families being distinguished by having separate sets of "available" names. Surnames since 19th c. nobility got clan names, artisans got trade surnames (potter, lumberjack, sailor etc) lower classes did patronymics for longer or sth