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The Tanhungði or Gennist calendar (Norjihani: []) is a lunisolar calendar used as the primary calendar in Tanhungði countries, mostly in South Baredina. The calendar epoch is the 22nd September 97 BC (the vernal equinox in the southern hemisphere), which marked the beginning of the Dark Era (abbreviated DE). This date is considered to be the beginning of Tan's exile from Sahar, which corresponds with the beginning of the Norjihani migration into South Baredina - the last of the Baredan Migrations.

The calendar has been in use for over 2000 years and is a central part of Tanhungði ritual, with the dates of holy festivals being determined via the calendar, alongside its widespread secular use in majority Tanhungði and Baredan countries. The most important unit of the calendar is the cycle, a period of 10 years which most lengths of time are measured against.

The year is most often written in relation to the current ycle. The 211th cycle began on the 22nd September 2013 and will last until the 21st September 2023. The 5th year thereof began on the 19th September 2017 and will last until the 3rd September 2018.


The Tanhungði calendar is reckoned in cycles, years, and months.

The cycle is the largest unit of time, and corresponds to ten solar years (ie. approximately 3652.5 days). It is subdivided into 10 Tanhungði years, which alternate in length between 13 and 14 months. Every month is 27 days long. At the end of every cycle, there is a 7- or 8-day intercalary period (monthless and yearless) which realigns the calendar with the solar year.

Another interesting feature of the Tanhungði calendar, as opposed to most calendars, is the total lack of weeks, and thus individual days within a week do not have any names. Instead, the date is formated as Xth day of the Xth month of the Xth year of the Xth cycle. Due to the nature of the cycle, each of the years within a cycle have specific names, as shown below.

Years in a cycle

No. Name in Proto-Baredan Name in Norjihani Start date Length
1 Tir Nasjmcuymow 22nd September 13 months
2 Tir Tojtja 7th September 14 months
3 20th September 13 months
4 6th September 14 months
5 19th September 13 months
6 4th September 14 months
7 17th September 13 months
8 3rd September 14 months
9 16th September 13 months
10 1st September 14 months
X 15th September 7 days


Usage and observances

The Tanhungði calendar is used to determine the dates of religious holidays in Tanhunga. The intercalary period is called [] ("New Cycle") in Norjihani and is the holiest period for Tanhungði. [], the 14th month, is also considered special as it occurs only every second year.

Since the length of the Tanhungði year varies, it is customary to measure age in cycles instead of years. For this reason, the legal age of adulthood in Norjihan is defined as 2 cycles. Official documents often state age in fractional cycles (ie. someone might be 1.6 cycles old) but this is rare in regular discourse. Namedays are often celebrated as a replacement for yearly birthdays.