Tayan Vashnabash

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Tayan Vashnabash
Prime Minister of Balakia
In office
MonarchJimâşim II
Preceded byBaşlâm Tezer
Succeeded byDenli Amalen
Personal details
Born(1879-07-11)11 July 1879
Hajar, Balak Empire
DiedDecember 3, 1951(1951-12-03) (aged 72)
Eşemîrke, Balak Empire
ChildrenSeveral, including Ikevesh Vashnabash

Tayan Vashnabash (Balak: Tayan Vacnabac Tayan Vaşbanaş [tɑˈjɑn ˌvɑʃnɑˈbɑʃ]) was a Balak general, and later its Prime Minister from 1925 to 1951. He aligned his country with Veridia and Unity during the Great Ekuosian War. He was forced to resign in the aftermath of the GEW, and was caught and killed shortly thereafter by Kuulist rebels during an attempted escape to Tuyo.