Terminian Dominion

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This article is about the modern-day sovereign state. For other uses of the word Terminia, see Terminia (disambiguation). Not to be confused with Cerman.
Terminian Dominion
Flag of the Terminian DominionVariant flag of the Terminian Dominion
Motto: "See the light"
Anthem: "Hark, O Friends"
Kúri (de facto)
Official languages Terminian
Recognised regional languages Utollian
Minor Terminian
Kaisen language
Far Western Creole
Macyeaq Creole
Ethnic groups
Demonym Cermani
Constituent countries  Cerman
 Terminian Far West
Government Sovereign confederation
 -  Head Jowk Olboros
 -  President of Cerman Tovar Mataja
 -  President of the Kaisen Name Nameson
 -  President of the Far West Name Nameson
 -  President of Macyeaq Name Nameson
 -  Total 1,277,328 km2
493,179 sq mi
 -  2015 estimate 176,500,493 (4th)
 -  Density 138.2/km2
357.9/sq mi
GDP (nominal) 2014 estimate
 -  Total $1.81 trillion
 -  Per capita $10 268.36
Currency Cermani Jikow (CMJ)
Time zone SCT-2 to SCT+7
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .cm

The Terminian Dominion, sometimes colloquially known as the Dominion, is a sovereign state spanning three continents: Boroso, Baredina and Miraria. It comprises the three countries of Cerman, Kaisen and the Terminian Far West, as well as the Macyeaq JSAR.


The Terminian Dominion was established in 2006.


The Terminian dominion is a voluntary confederation of four nations. Although legally equal, in practice Cerman is the dominant country in the Dominion and administers the majority of the Dominion's affairs. Utol, while afforded some autonomy, is considered a part of Cerman as opposed to a constituent nation of the Dominion.

Kaisen and the Far West are de jure part of the Dominion with equal standing to Cerman, but are nevertheless largely subordinate to the Cermani government. They have their own elected legislatures, which do not congregate as part of the Cermani parliament (unlike the parliament of Utol).

The fourth nation, Macyeaq, is subject to joint administration between the Dominion and Qonklaks.


The sole legislative body in the Terminian Dominion is the Executive Committee. It comprises the Presidents of each of the four nations, alongside the Head of the Terminian Dominion who must be approved by a majority in each of the four nations' legislatures. Each President represents the wishes of their respective Parliament and national government.

The Executive Committee legislates surrounding foreign affairs and defense. All other issues are delegated to the nations.

Constituent countries

Country Population % Dominion
Population density
% Dominion
(billions of US$)
% Dominion
GDP per capita
 Cerman 129,372,482 73.3% 203.496 635,750.0 49.8% $1455.91 80.33% $11,253.63
 Kaisen 37,353,821 21.2% 60.318 619,280.0 48.5% $170.26 9.39% $4,558.04
 Macyeaq 8,628,945 4.9% 1275.000 6,767.8 0.5% $510.74 9.19% $49,293.34
Terminian Far West Far West 1,145,245 0.6% 73.742 31,530.5 1.2% $19.72 1.09% $17,219.61
 Terminian Dominion 176,500,493 100.0% 138.179 1,293,327.8 100.0% $2156.63 100% $12 218.83