Terminian Far East

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Viceroyalty of the Terminian Far East
Colony of Olboros Terminia

Life span?


Flag of Terminian Far East

The Terminian Far East in 1850
Capital Eresa
Government Colonial parliamentary monarchy
 •  Established Enter start year
 •  Disestablished Enter end year
Currency Jikow
Today part of Terminian Dominion Terminian Dominion

The Terminian Far East, officially the Viceroyalty of the Terminian Far East and formerly the Viceroyalty of New Terminia, was a colonial possession and the easternmost extent of Olboros Terminia from the 17th Century until its reorganisation into the Republic of Kaisen-Czisilia - a client state of the Helsonian Union - in TBD. The colony was primarily centred around the Czisil peninsula and the islands of Socel and Otsuk, with later acquisitions extending northwards into the Miralayan foothills.

Small coastal holdings in what would later become the Far East - predominantly trading ports - were acquired by Terminian traders from the Milevian Empire in the 16th and 17th Centuries, from which Terminia exerted political and religious influence upon the native Milevic peoples and the politics of the confederation, leaving to the eventual collapse of the Milevian Empire in TBD. The resulting power vacuum was subsequently exploited by Terminia, as diplomacy and conquest served to consolidate their power over disunited Milevic clans. Terminian conquests were followed and accompanied by Pashaist missionary activity, resulting in the conversion of many ethnic Milevics to the faith, particularly in the colony's southern and western territories.

Terminian colonial rule in Milevia formed a key part of the cultural context in which Fazul-Farmoshi political theorist Yurik Balkas established economic, political, and cultural theories which would later form the core of Balkist ideology. In the aftermath of his death, Balkas' writings would inspire anti-Terminian sentiments among the colony's Milevian subjects and foster a fresh pan-Milevic identity, with anti-colonial unrest being particularly predominant on the majority non-Pashaist islands of Socel and Otsuk. These tensions culminated in the Referendums on Milevian Sovereignty 1876, the outcome of which resulted in the independence of the Kingdom of Otsuk and the Republic of Socel. The Republic of Socel would undergo immediate political turmoil and be switfly reorganised into the United Balkist Republic of Milevia the following year, with the new government asserting territorial claims on the remainder of the Far East.

The Terminian Far East was officially dissolved in the aftermath of the Helsonian Revolution and subsequent abolition of the Olboros monarchy, with Helsonia later re-establishing a Kuulist puppet state in Kaisen-Czisilia.