Terminian Far West

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Terminian Federation of the Far West
Flag Emblem
and largest city
Official languages Terminian
Recognised national languages Far West Terminian
Recognised regional languages Bavkir-Terminian Creole
Ethnic groups (2010) 84.6% Terminian
10.3% Bavkir
3.3% Dalar
1.8% Other
Government Federal parliamentary republic under a sovereign confederation
 -  Head of the Dominion Jowk Olboros
 -  President Name Nameson
 -  Premier Name Nameson
Legislature Western Parliament
Independence from the Three Kingdoms
 -  Declared 14 October 1925 
 -  Total 31,530.5 km2
12,174 sq mi
 -  2013 census 1,145,245
 -  Density 36.742/km2
95.2/sq mi
GDP (nominal) estimate
 -  Total $19.72 billion
 -  Per capita $17,219.61
Currency Western Jikow (WJK)
Time zone Far Western Time (SCT-2)
Drives on the left
Internet TLD .w.cm

The Terminian Federation of the Far West, often simply the Far West, is the smallest constituent country of the Terminian Dominion, consisting of 86 islands located off the eastern coast of Boroso, with a total land area of 31,530 square kilometres. The largest island, ???, makes up half of the Far West's area and hosts the nation's capital, Karela. The Far West stretches latitudinally from 1° to 39° S, the largest north-south expanse of any nation on Sahar. From north to south the Far West shares land and maritime borders with Taanttu, Bavkirak, Letzia's Borosan territories, and the Fals Empire.

The Far West initially gained independence from Olboros Terminia in 1925, shortly after the beginning of the Helsonian Revolution, before being annexed by Letzia in [year]. Letzian control of the Far West ended following the conclusion of the Great Ekuosian War in 1951, when the Far West was brought back under Terminian control upon being returned to the Helsonian Union. The Far West regained independence for a short period after the collapse of the Helsonian Union in 2005, before later applying to become a constituent country of the Terminian Dominion in [year]. Today, the Far West has de jure equal standing to Cerman within the Dominion, but is largely subordinate to the Cermani government.