Thousand Families (Sanmra)

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The Thousand Families (Tirina: Her Letan) refers to the formerly noble families of Sanmra. The term was in informal usage by [DATE], and has continued even after the nobility was legally abolished in [DATE]. Despite no longer holding unique legal status, many formerly-noble families continue to exert major influence in politics and economics, leading to continued use of the term.

Unlike the Hundred Families, the "thousand" in Thousand Families is and has always been figurative, not literal. Depending on the source's definition of nobility (in particular, whether new families registered by the descendants of formerly-noble families should themselves be counted as noble), Sanmra has several thousand such families.

The Second Thousand

The Second Thousand (Tirina: Her Talir) are families that have never been noble, whether they existed in [DATE] or not, but still hold considerable power in Sanmra, generally through political acumen or business savvy. Many such families ascended through associations with members of the Thousand, but have since become notable in their own right. Again, the term is nonspecific; thousands of families might qualify, depending on what factors a source considers relevant for the category.

A few notable examples:

  • Yinhir, founders of one of the largest shipping conglomerates importing goods from across the Asura
  • Tenkal, one of the most successful non-formerly-noble families to enter politics
  • Asme, owners of a popular toy company based in Akoke
  • Kalun, operators of a popular tourist cruise line along the coast of the Dragon Sea

The Sixty Families

In contrast to the Thousand and Second Thousand, the Sixty Families (Tirina: Atanhas Letan) is a literal and specific term (keeping in mind that Sanmra uses a base-12 numbering system; this is 72 families in base-10). All seventy-two of these families are original noble families--that is, they date back to the first formal registration of families in [DATE], when only noble families were registered. While some of the Thousand are also original families, the ones included in the Sixty were undoubtedly the most powerful and influential. Most have maintained their standing through the centuries, and none have ever fully ceased to exist (though some have been obliged to adopt outsiders, and thus may not have direct biological descent from the originators).

To date, all sarda since the original family registration have been members of the Sixty Families.


A noncontroversial listing of the Thousand Families and Second Thousand would be impossible. However, a complete listing of the Sixty Families as well as an assortment of members of the Thousand and Second Thousand, can be found in this document.