Three Banners Party

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Three Banners

Tep Yep
LeaderMon Bosa
PresidentCha Matinh
FounderNga Nolanh
FoundedJanuary 15th, 1961
Split fromLayo-Republican Party
HeadquartersLanothi, Liosol
NewspaperBanner Broadcasting
Think tankCenter for Regulation of the Coast and NRL
Youth wingThe Banner Bearers
Membership (2018)4,295,163
IdeologyLibertarianism, anti-Kuelism
Political positionCentre-right
Colors  Banner Blue
SloganEnergy, Spirit, and Determination
AnthemOut of Chaos
Premier Cabinet
19 / 21
House of Status
173 / 340
Provincial Wardenships
19 / 33
Territorial Wardenships
3 / 4

The Three Banners is Liosol's premier political party, currently controlling most positions in the Alotol government. It is believed that a fourth of the country votes in favor of the party, although only 30% of that estimate is registered in the party's name. The president of the party, Cha Matinh, is the incumbent prime minister of Liosol, likely contributing to its peak in popularity.



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