Timeline of Qonklese history

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Qonklaks is a nation that has dominated Soltennan History. While this article lists "Qonklese" periods, many of these are states that go beyond modern Qonklese borders and contain countries like Huy En, Karduv, Mai Thi, Ru, Quaxin Xun, and Zaizung. Some historical governments have been Qonklese, but were based outside of the traditional heartland of Qonklaks, so are not included (such as the Jã dynasty mostly in what is now Zaizung not being the "Qonklese" dynasty as much as the contemporaneous Lya Dynasty was).

Wa Dynasty (Whã) - 2520-888 BCE

Mor Dynasty (Mãw) - 893 - 770 BCE

First Warring States Period - 770 - 580 BCE

Lya Dynasty - 580 - 540 BCE

War of the Three Brothers - 540 - 528 BCE

Gain Dynasty - 528 BCE - 23 BCE

Second Warring States Period - 23 BCE - 445 CE

Bàw Dynasty - 444 CE - 755 CE

Third Warring States Period - 755 CE - 802 CE

Mheiq Dynasty - 802 CE - 1017 CE

Mheiq-Phõ Wars - 998 CE - 1017 CE

A conflict in which the Phõ faction openly fought the Mheiq dynasty using religion as a means to prove they should rule.

The Mheiq Emperor openly endorsed Cananganamese Durskhee over the native Qonklese Haomism, even building a Durskhee temple in the imperial palace in Paseinsẽ.

The Haomist scholars were displeased and sought the aid of a general behind the emperor's back. They claimed that the Emperor no longer is the Avatar of Houn Shi, and that the general could become the Avatar if he challenges the Emperor.

Phõ Dynasty - 998 CE - 1238 CE

Mai Dynasty - 1238 CE - 1393 CE

Du Dynasty - 1393 CE - 1525 CE

Hàin Dynasty - 1525 CE - 1668 CE

Fourth Warring States Period - 1668 CE - 1710 CE

Olboros/Bãw Dynasty - 1710 CE - 1903 CE

A Qonklese warlord named Hain Daiq united the country, taking the imperial name Ještrun I, and claimed to be part of the Ekuosonian House of Olboros.

Qonk Republic - 1903 CE - 1928 CE

Qonklese Empire - 1928 CE - 1950 CE

The Empire tried to conquer all of Soltenna and got entangled in the Pangyeoun War

Supreme Commune of Qonklaks - 1950 CE - 2005 CE

After the Pangyeoun War, the Helsonian Union helped the Supreme Comune of Qonklaks establish a Kúúlist government in Qonklaks.

Qonklese Federation - 2005 CE - present