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Tisnoij is a subregion in southern Miraria, existing between Vaniua and Soltenna and lying directly on the Miralaya mountain range. Tisnoij comprises the three main Tisnoijan countries of Aifugon, Temedzen and Tsuinnia, together measuring around 531,000 square kilometres (205,020 square miles). From 195 until 1997, the area was unified under the Federal Republic of Tisnoij.


Tisnoij spans a central portion of the Miralayas, just north of the traditional boundaries of Vaniua. The region itself is divided into two geographical boundaries, generally along the political boundaries of the comprising countries. South of the mountains lies the South Tisnoijan Slope, lying within the borders of Aifugon. The region possesses a fairly steady incline in a northwesterly direction, the southern parts being more closely aligned with Vaniu proper. North of the mountains is the Papaleinma Plateau, comprising the territories of Temedzen and Tsuinnia, which has sparse hills and great grassy plains. Tisnoij can also refer to any areas with a majority-Tispodan population, thus including some portions of northern Imoztar where the Kizaros comprise a majority.



Middle Ages

Modern Era