Tlukerian Islands

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Tlukerian Islands
LocationNorth Shaelic Sea
Total islands13+
Autonomous ProvinceTlukera and Deyatsan
Largest settlementKanato

The Tlukerian Islands are an archipelago of eight major islands located in the North Shaelic Sea. Originally inhabited by the indigenous Tlukerian and Deyatsa peoples, the islands were annexed by the Osveraali Empire in the 1Xth century. During the 19th century they were the main theater to the brief Osveraali-Terminian War, after which the islands were annexed by the Kingdom of Fazulavaz, a client state of the Terminian Empire. Since then they have been governed by Fazulavaz, originally as an unincorporated territory before being organised into the Autonomous Province of Tlukera and Deyatsan in 1983.