Tughanjuh Proclamation

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Tughanjuh Proclamation (1811).png
1818 facsimile of the engrossed copy
CreatedJanuary 1811
RatifiedJanuary 28, 1811
LocationEngrossed copy: Koman State Archives
Rough draft: Imperial State Library
Author(s)Cabinet of Princes (under supervision of Tamshahsar)
Signatories23 Representatives to the Cabinet of Princes and Emperor Tamshahsar
PurposeTo announce and arrange the establishment of the Imperial State

The Tughanjuh Proclamation, formally the Tughan Declaration Treaty is the pronouncement and founding document of the Imperial State, declared under supervision of Emperor Tamshahsar by the Cabinet of Princes 10 years after the formal annexation of the Samar Holy Order as the last core territory targeted by the Ashar Mizarate during the final stages of the Warring Period. Enacted during the last formal gathering of the Cabinet of Princes, the pronouncement explains why the creation of a united Koman state is necessary and the possible steps it could take to solidify its core territories against the intrusion of foreign powers. Additionally, the document included a list of historical territories considered part of the Koman state as prime claims for the consolidation of the Imperial State, giving a motive over why these territories were considered essential. With this declaration, the Imperial State successfully passed on to the next steps for its formation, and consequently laid the foundations for its establishment.