Ughmar-Kunorvian languages

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Parshita and Northern Miraria
Linguistic classification:East Mirarian
  • Mahavic
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The Ughmar-Kunorvian languages are a branch of the East Mirarian family of languages, comprising of Ughmar and the Kunorvian languages. Traditionally treated as separate branches due to their apparent dissimilarity and lack of proximity, more recent studies have detected several common innovations and a wide degree of shared vocabulary not found in any other East Mirarian branch. While some academics continue to dispute the unity of Ughmar-Kunorvian, claiming any mutual influence to be the result of ancient contant, the linguistic consensus has shifted in favour of considering them a single branch. Precise details on the degree of their relationship still cause controversy to this day; one extreme merely considers Ughmar a highly divergent Kunorvian language.


Proto-Ughmar-Kunorvian had a large vowel inventory, with at least 11 reconstructed in a system of vowel harmony. Much like its parent language Proto-East Mirarian, the nature of the vowel harmony system is up for debate.

Front Central Back
unrounded rounded unrounded rounded
Close i ü ı u
Mid e ö ə ë o
Open ä a å