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Aayuyaahaa (properly ááyuyaahaa in Red Ñiy and ahjujahqah in Awarahl Creole) is the traditional garment of Red Island, Awarahl. It is much like a coverall, made of red embroidered fabric that covers the legs and lower torso, with two wide straps that go over the shoulders. The part of the garment that covers the torso has intricate cutouts. Nowadays the most common version has only a few square cutouts, but traditionally the most elegant ones had up to two hundred cutouts, giving it the appearance of lace. Each village on Red Island has its own unique styles of aayuyaahaahe.

The aayuyaahaa is worn over a white shirt with a short standup collar for men (ručamíí / rucamih) and a black shirt with a low neckline all around for women (ručákúhu / rucakuqu). The Red Oru people, who traditionally spoke the Red Ñiy language, got their name from this vividly red garment.

Nowadays the aayuyaahaa is mainly worn by the elderly and on important occasions such as Awarahl New Year and the Awarahl Fire Festival (Ñúhu· / Njuquk). Most people mainly wear Terminian clothing or just the traditional shirt with modern trousers.

Traditional aayuyaahaahe are considered one of Awarahl's finest handicrafts, and the manufacture of aayuhaahaahe for export and sale to tourists is a rapidly-growing industry. The modernization of traditional embroidery and cutout techniques is a process underway as Awarahl's textile industry accompanies the country's rapid economic growth.