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Leiden (sometimes also known by tteku) is a place where one goes to explore, take in the scenery and to be stubborn. It's been this way as a whole for nearly a century. The history of the city spans more than 150 years, beginning in the 19th.

Tadamichi-maru (also tah-DAM-um) is a Japanese street dance that began in the 15th century in the Japanese Imperial Castle in Tokyo and spread all over the country. The dancing was created as an entertainment for soldiers and aristocrats in order to make their visit to the Imperial palace more enjoyable. It spread throughout the country because it was such a way to entertain. In fact, the word 'tadamichimaru' was the formal name of the area and it was not always called by this name. Many historians are of the opinion that 'tadamichimaru' was actually the name in the past, given to the district and region. The name has only been used since 1955. It was originally located in the Imperial District, Tottori, which is in the south.


Countries: Japan, Kadya, Xynderland, Riyana (all in sodium chloride)

Languages: Rietic language family, Hebrew (LHX), Maltese (KDK), Yiddish (XVN), Irish (RYN), Iris (IRX), Rudanian (LHRD), Melon (RME)

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