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Hi, I'm Quidditchhp, also know as "That one guy who managed to get a Pokemon lang into Sahar".

Recipe for Danshali:

  • Get a fresh Pokemon lang, add 50% of Japanese grammar, add Chinese verb conjugation mixed with the previously added Pokemon conjugation.
  • Put it in the Sahar claim-oven for 3 days, under some shamanism bullshit.
  • Actually replace the Pokemon genders with shamanism bullshit.
  • Steal Ivan's script and throw it in.
  • Add too many cases.
  • Realize CV was a dumb idea and spend a week replacing your entire dictionary with CVC.
  • Remove Pokemon verb conjugation and replace with shitty gender version of poly-personal agreement.
  • Realize all of Ivan's characters look the same and replace them until you can actually tell them apart.
  • Add 1000 words to your dictionary over night.
  • If by the end of these instructions people still call it "the pokemon lang" and only ever praise it for the script you didn't make, then it's perfect.