Uyàloŋàt Fechmùychasŋò Hùrì

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Uyàloŋàt Fechmùychasŋò Hùrì
King of Yachiro
In office
Preceded byX
Succeeded byPosition abolished succeeded by the President of Yachiro
Personal details
BornUyàloŋàt Fechmùychasŋò Hùrì Yàyâ
(1879-05-21)21 May 1879

Uyàloŋàt Fechmùychasŋò Hùrì Yàyâ (uy`alo`ngat fech`muychas`ngo h`ur`i y`ay"a) (Yachiroese: [X]; X-X) was the last King of Yachiro before the Second Yachiroese Revolution in 1905, and a Qonklese General in the Great Ekuosian War.

Early Life



Fechmùychasŋò succeeded to the throne after his father's assasination in 1899. At first, his reign was a welcomed, as he re-instated the parliament after his father had dissolved it just a year earlier. His initial reforms were met with great praise by the public, allowing freedom of speech, religion, and movement, which had all been restricted under his father's reign. As time went on however, it became clear that these actions were merely for show, as Fechmùychasŋò began to blatantly disregard parliament, acting as he saw fit. The final straw came in 1904, when Fechmùychasŋò planned an invasion of X with many high ranking officers in the military.


In 1905 members of the revolutionary group "Blood of Yachiro" had assembled enough support within the government to plan an overthrow of the King, and on X X of the same year, they stormed the ancient palace. When they entered Fechmùychasŋò's chambers however, they found he had already fled with his family. It is unknown how he caught wind of the invasion, however, by the time the revolutionaries stormed the palace, he was in Qonklaks.

Life in Qonklaks


When the Great Ekuosian War began, he inlisted as a common soldier in the Qonklese Army. He was first deployed on the eastern front with Riyana, where he showed great bravery in his attacks on Riyan positions. X

Exile in Shohuan

After the end of the Great Ekuosian War, Fechmùychasŋò went into exile in Shohuan. Living the rest of his life in the city of X.