Va Mòyûn Xûŋín

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Va Mòyûn Xûŋín
President of Yachiro
In office
1935 – 19XX
Preceded byPosition established
preceded by the King of Yachiro
Succeeded byPosition abolished
succeeded by the Great Chairman of Yachiro
Personal details
BornXûxe Mòyûn Xûŋín Yàyvî
(1885-03-10)10 March 1885
Chuŋyùr, Kingdom of Yachiro
DiedJuly 20, 1972(1972-07-20) (aged 86)

Va Mòyûn Xûŋín Yàyvî (va `moy"un x"u'ngin y`ay"vi) (Yachiroese: [βá mòjûn ʃûŋǐn jàjβî]; 10 March 1885-20 July 1975) was a Yachiroese General, and later its X from 1935 to 19XX. He aligned his country with the fascist Qonklese Empire during the Pangyeoun War and later spent the rest of his life in exile in X. His reign is idolized by many who oppose the Kuulist Government in Yachiro.

Early life

Va Mòyûn was born Xûxe Mòyûn Xûŋín Yàyvî to X and X, on 10 March, 1885, to a poor family in the town of Chuŋyùr. His family lived off the land, and he grew up in relatively bad conditions. When his father was elected as Mayor of his town, their situation improved slightly, he was able to afford an education and they no longer had to rely on their farm. When Mòyûn completed his first and second rounds of education, he attended the Rumukyo Royal Military Academy. His superiors often remarked of his reckless actions, and commented on how he would never be able to gain any significant military position with his current behavior. X

Life in the military

Mòyûn gained a minor military position as an NCO in 1905 when he was 20, shortly after, the Second Yachiroese Revolution occurred, and a Republic was declared. This caused many generals who supported the Monarchy to flee to other Soltennan countries, leaving Mòyûn to rise through the ranks, where he soon gained the position of commander of X. During the Yachiroese-X War started over Yachiroese Imperialism in the island of X, he skillfully brought the enemy to its knees in his campaign on the west coast of the island, earning him a promotion to leader of army group X.

Entry into politics

Using his popularity as a general, Mòyûn founded the People's Party for Yachiro, a strongly right wing party interested in expanding Yachiro's territories into the rest of the Draconic Sea. His party soon became the 4th largest in Yachiro's Congress, becoming ever more popular as economic recession hit the country. In the 1929 Election, X became President, and appointed Mòyûn as his Vice President, giving him and his party greater political influence.

1933 Election and takeover

In 1933, Mòyûn announced his bid for President of Yachiro to cheering crowds in Rumukyo. He promised that he would brint Yachiro out of debt, and that he would make the country a power on the world stage, as well as the Draconic Islands. His firery rhetoric and immense popularity left his opposition standing no chance, and he won a landslide victory in 1933 Election. Mòyûn quickly fired old ministers and replaced them with his supporters, strengthening his control over the government and allowing him to enact his policies without resistance from the Yachiroese Congress. After a minor assassination attempt in 1934, Mòyûn declared a state of emergency, and effectively dissolved the government, giving him absolute control. In 1936, Mòyûŋ and Dain Pain signed the Jikhein, making Yachiro an official ally of Dain Pain's regime in Qonklaks, as well as Va Bung's regime in Karduv.


Between the period of 1936 and 1941, Yachiro engaged in numerous smaller conflicts along with the Qonklese Empire. In late 1936, Yachiro assisted in the Qonklese invasion of Awarahl, though received only a few minor islands. X

The Great Ekuosian War

Yachiro declared war on Riyana on 19 January 1941 along with the Qonklese Empire. Yachiroese volunteers were sent over to the Qonklese mainland to assist in the war, and were known for their ruthless persistence. X

Escape from captivity

After the war, Mòyûŋ was imprisoned and awaiting trial by the new Kúúlist government in Yachiro. Since most prisons were in ruins, he was kept in a local jail near the town of X. During his stay, he was able to convince some loyalist locals to free him from his cell, immediately sparking a manhunt. Mòyûŋ hid himself in mountain villages, and forged fake identifications, going by the name X. Using these fake identifications he was able to get on a boat to X. Eventually sailing from X to X.

Life in X