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Vadyacon (IPA: /ˈvɑːd͡ʒjʌʃoʊ̯n/; Yaharan: {väďcön} Vädyäcön /ˈvɑdʲɑs͢ʃon/, Trunaomatian: vAtAsTeOн Vatasteon /vaˈtastøn/, Heoroman: vAtAsTeOн Vatasteon /vætæsˈton/, Hantruzan: bVаtZaStZoN Bvatzastzon /bvat͡ʃast͡ʃón/, Monyo: Uatiasoni /watjasɘni/) is a Lower Borosan religion originating with the Celehayar peoples in the Yahara, later being adopted by the Yennodorian peoples as they migrated into the Yahara and spreading across Lower Boroso with the expansion of the Empire of the Yahara. It is the official faith of both Upper Yahara and Yaxarhayut, and is the largest faith in the Confederation of Lower Boroso. A variant of Vadyacon is practised in Heoroma, however the exact status of Vadyacon within Heoroma is contentious.


The name Vadyacon is a compounding of the preposition vädyä "through" and cön "door", figuratively meaning "through the doors". cön refers to a very specific kind of double door used as the primary entry into a temple. Specifically, the word references the method by which one comes under the umbrella of the Vadyacon faith, that is to say by entering through the cön. The word is recorded as far back as Old Yaharan in the form Vätíyästyön, and entered Common Yennodorian from there as Wätästëon, whence the Trunaomatian and Heoroman Vatasteon. The Hantruzan Bvatzastzon is from borrowing of the Imperial Yaharan form into Old Hantruzan as Bvätyäsčön.


The exact origins of Vadyacon are unclear, as it is clear the basic theology and tenets of the religion were well-formed by the advent of writing in the Yahara. The migration of the Yennodors into the Yahara followed by the establishment of the Empire of the Yahara brought change to the religion, creating the role of the Emperor of the Yahara within the theology of the faith, as well as incorporating the traditional Yennodorian deities. The Empire also spread the religion, incorporating local beliefs and practices as it spread north into the modern Confederation of Lower Boroso, as well as using the faith as a tool to gauge loyalty to the Empire.


The Vadyacon priesthood, from even the earliest records, have always held great power and influence within the Yahara. The priest Feyändyä is credited with developing the writing system named after him, and the priesthood was a driving force behind the development of advanced mathematics in the Yahara. The priesthood was also the census taker of the Empire, and continued in this role until the 18th Century and the rise of the more centralised states of Upper Yahara and Yaxarhayut. Various counties within both polities are administered by local temple priests.


The most basic tenet of the Vadyacon faith is the belief in the Great Father and his first creation, the Eternal Fire. The Eternal Fire is the source from which all other beings derive their life, having a tiny piece of the Eternal Fire within them. The power of deities is measured by their distance from the Great Father – all deities are created either by the Great Father or by another deity, thus creating this hierarchy. The foremost of these deities are the Firstborn, the trio of gods that were created after the Eternal Fire by the Great Father. This trio consists of Vidyayid, Gutezatab, and Ashe.