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Linguistic classification:Ryamaian
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The Vaniuan languages constitute the largest and southernmost branch of the Ryamaian language family, comprising at least 30 languages. They cover almost all of Vaniua and additionally spoken in pockets in regions with as Lahan or Puzimm. They are spoken by around X million people in total.


Language Classification Number of native speakers Location
Balak language Eastern: Kashisan 150,000,000 Balakia, Gushlia, amongst others
Vosan language Western: Jiuzemic 80,000,000 Vosan, amongst others
Koman language Eastern: Kalkalic 60,000,000 Komania, Torosha, amongst others
Damserz language Bodni-Cirnic 31,000,000 Siyezan
Aramani language Eastern: Kalkalic 23,402,000 Araman
Hitagi language Western: Jiuzemic ??? Vosan
Khezian language Western: Dasic ??? Khezan
Siyan language Western: Jiuzemic ??? Vosan, Khezan, Lenezan
Vogian language Eastern: Vucheshic ??? Zinsha-Vogia (Vogia)
Zinshan language ??? ??? Zinsha-Vogia (Zinsha)
Ghalar language Eastern: Kalkalic ??? Baghazan (northwest)
Wazan language Eastern: Kalkalic ??? Baghazan
Bashan language Western: Dasic ??? Vosan (eastern)
Beyeri language Eastern: Beyeric ??? Balakia (southern)
Rasha language Eastern: Kashisan ??? Gushlia (Rashtun)
Dalayuz language Western: Thelemic ??? Vosan (southern)
Northern Vucheshian language Eastern: Vucheshic ??? Gushlia (western)
Southern Vucheshian language Eastern: Vucheshic ??? Gushlia (southwest)
Ujaju language Ujaju ??? ???
Mishar language Central 150,000 Komania



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