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Linguistic classification:Ryamaian?
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The Vaniuan languages are a language family comprising over 30 languages, covering almost all of Vaniua and additionally spoken in pockets in regions with as Lahan or Puzimm. They are spoken by around X million people in total.


Language Classification Number of native speakers Location
Balak language Eastern: Kashisan 150,000,000 Balakia, Gushlia, amongst others
Vosan language Western: Jiuzemic 80,000,000 Vosan, amongst others
Koman language Eastern: Kalkalic 60,000,000 Komania, Torosha, amongst others
Damserz language Bodni-Cirnic 31,000,000 Siyezan
Aramani language Eastern: Kalkalic 23,402,000 Araman
Hitagi language Western: Jiuzemic  ??? Vosan
Khezian language Western: Dasic  ??? Khezan
Siyan language Western: Jiuzemic  ??? Vosan, Khezan, Lenezan
Vogian language Eastern: Vucheshic  ??? Zinsha-Vogia (Vogia)
Zinshan language  ???  ??? Zinsha-Vogia (Zinsha)
Ghalar language Eastern: Kalkalic  ??? Baghazan (northwest)
Wazan language Eastern: Kalkalic  ??? Baghazan
Bashan language Western: Dasic  ??? Vosan (eastern)
Beyeri language Eastern: Beyeric  ??? Balakia (southern)
Rasha language Eastern: Kashisan  ??? Gushlia (Rashtun)
Dalayuz language Western: Thelemic  ??? Vosan (southern)
Northern Vucheshian language Eastern: Vucheshic  ??? Gushlia (western)
Southern Vucheshian language Eastern: Vucheshic  ??? Gushlia (southwest)
Ujaju language Ujaju  ???  ???
Mishar language Central 150,000 Komania



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