Letso-Vaniuan script

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Vaniuan alphabet sample.png
LanguagesVarious, examples include Balak, Koman, and Vosan
Time period
c. 500 CEpresent
Parent systems
Sister systems

The Letso-Vaniuan script, also known simply as the Vaniuan script or the Vucheshian script, is an alphabetic writing system widely used across Sahar. The script is directly descended from the Old Staloan version of the Letso-Halarian script, itself a descendant of the Proto-Ekuosian script, which in turn was derived from Halarian logograms. It is natively used to write various Vaniuan languages, the most widely spoken including Balak, Koman, and Vosan. Due to Vaniuan colonialism in the 18th – 20th centuries, the script was also adopted by various languages in Puzimm and Lahan.