Vbulos Kavdeto

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Vbulos Kavdeto
Vbulos Kavdeto.jpg
Prince Kavdeto at a Congressional Meeting
Born (1951-11-26) November 26, 1951 (age 67)
Gvanieg, Shohuan
OccupationPrince Elector
Years active2007 - Present

Vbulos Kavdeto is one of the two Prince Electors of the Shohuanese Republic. He is the fourteenth prince to hold this position while also maintaining his role as leader of the Shohuanese Republican Party. His counterpart, Movbat Jundisto, is leader of the Epeyist Party.

Early Life

Born on November 26, 1951, to middle class parents, Vbulos Kavdeto soon became an orphan as a result of the Great Ekuosian War as a Qonklese air raid on the capital had by chance, killed both of his parents. He was left in an orphanage for the rest of his childhood. He had eventually joined the Officer's School of Gvanieg in 1958. He maintained adequate levels of his grades but otherwise was not as successful as other students, still, he managed to graduate in 1961 to become a Padronjeg (Officer Corpsman).

Military Career

Vbulos Kavdeto in the Golden Plateau, sometime between 1968 and 1975

Vbulos Kavdeto was soon deployed to (Insert Colonial Conflict that was a pain in the ass for Shohuan here) where he (idk, enter this shit in later).

Shift to Politics

With the Revolution of 76, the Sannist Party was removed from its single-party position and replaced with a multi-party government. Vbulos retired from the Colonial Army after the new regime change and became a politician with the money he'd saved from his career. Soon, he'd become the new mayor of Gvanieg from 1978 with his position lasting until 1994. He was noted for being a progressive amongst the conservative members of the Republican Party, however, as the tensions with Helsonia increased, he started to lean further towards Sannist style policies and viewpoints which eventually led to his political career nearly being dropped in the 1994 City Election. He had decided to retire at that point but was prevented from doing so as a result of pressure from his colleagues. Deciding to heed their advice, he planned to run for Prince Elector in 2007 after a few periods of failed primary election campaigns. He won a majority in the 2007 General Election and became Prince Elector soon after. He has since, held the position, sometimes being referred to as Shohuan's Diplomatic Fist.