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Vos Federation
. Yunulimsri Cucoraccis. Yunulimsri Cucoraccis
Motto: . Ge Asåga ukasi.
Under God We Shine
Largest city Tameyvah
Official languages Vosan, HGSS
Ethnic groups Vos (48%)
Hitagi (30%)
Thelem (10%)
Foreign heritage Residents (12%)
Demonym Vos
Government Federal parliamentary republic
 -  President Aste Vascês
Legislature Federal Congress
 -  Pamoric tribes 100 CE 
 -  Ohanian rule 560 
 -  Qasamas Dynasty 1347 
 -  First Republic and Empire 1801 
 -  Bavis Dynasty 1823 
 -  Second Republic 1926 
 -  Sannist Takeover 1931 
 -  Third Republic 1999 
 -  1,354,302.72 km2
522,899 sq mi
 -  2020 census 84,102,199
 -  Density 62.1/km2
160.8/sq mi
HDI 0.844
very high
Currency Vos Actan
Drives on the right
Internet TLD .vs

Vosan (Vosan: Coraccis), officially known as Vos Federation (Vosan: Yunulimsri Cucoraccis), is a sovereign state located in Vaniua. Spanning the northern region of the Golden Plateau and the eastern half of the Gulf of Sharkunen, Vosan borders Komania and Ulvam to the east, Ridazan to the north, as well as Siyezan to the south. With a population of over 84 million citizens and a GDP value over US$2 trillion, the country's economy is the largest in Vaniua.

Vaniuan tribes have inhabited modern Vosan since the late Bronze Age, bringing with it animal husbandry and agriculture. Tribes originating from the Kovat region, predecessors to the region's Pamoric and Bahdic tribes, first inhabited Vosan in 1000 BCE, with it founding some of the oldest settlements in the country. In 500 CE, Pamoric tribes and chiefdoms who dominated much of northern modern Vosan were then unified under the rule of the Holy Ohanian Empire.

The country enjoys a largely diverse urban population, owing to its early adoption of globalist political policies. The nation is run mainly through the service sector, with a hefty manufacturing sector as a close second for economic production.


Vosan's name is debated to come from either of two sources, an Ulvash name for the region, Vosan, coming from Koman Wozan, meaning 'fire land', or a native Vos name for the region, Bosfac, which comes from 'Vos area'.




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