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Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Chordata
Genus: Homo
Species: H. sapiens x H. orcus

Votef (Achiyitqan wotép, Vodholk votev [voðef]) are a hybrid descended from human and vodholk parents. The same term is used regardless of the chromosomes/sexes of the parents or the offspring. Votef live almost exclusively in Achiyitqana and are considered sentient peoples by the majority but not all governments of Sahar.

Breeding and fertility

Votef is the catchall term for any human-vodholk mixture, regardless of the sex of the parents or the individual in question or the percentage of human vs vodholk blood. (Some could, in theory, also have dalar ancestry.)

In general, F1 (first-generation) human-vodholk hybrids with XY chromosomes are infertile and cannot produce offspring. However, XX individuals are usually capable of reproduction. No studies have established the relative fertility of individuals with abnormal chromosome combinations.

Most F2 votef are fertile regardless of their or their parents' chromosomes.


Votef resemble a mix of their parents' physiology, generally appearing as an even average of vodholk and human features. This can lead to disabling phenotypes. For instance, the teeth are often larger than the jaw can accommodate, and some may need to be removed to avoid serious chewing or pain issues.

There is a higher incidence of joint and ligament disorders among votef than either parent species, both congenital and aquired.

Those with an XX human parent and XY vodholk parent tend to be larger in all dimensions and have more fur, while those with XY human and XX vodholk parents are somewhat smaller and are more likely to have hair as opposed to fur on at least some parts of the body.

The incidence of congenital deafness is even higher among votef than vodholk (36% vs 20%).


Votef typically represent a midway point between human and vodholk cognition. Studies indicate that both blood quantum and childhood environment influence how closely adult votef behaviour mirrors that of each parent race. However, like their vodholk ancestors, most votef demonstrate poorer logical and mathematical reasoning with higher physical, emotional, and social intelligence.

There are a handful of psychiatric, psychological, and neurological disorders known only among votef to the exclusion of all other sentient species; they also tend to not be diagnosed with disorders known among humans and/or vodholk.