Vyac Rolob

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An unknown posis sometime in the early 1910s

The Vyać Rolob (Lit. Mountain Brothers) are a secret society of Vanoshan origin. Much of the group is unknown as their numbers have varied and their religious stance on secrecy to avoid religious persecution in Vaniua.

Origin of Posis

The word posis in Vanoshan originates from the Classical Letsic word pósis referring to a house or room. This word was retained in Vanoshan as a literate form showing the brothers as sharing a home together. This posis would be the basis for all functions of groups who adhere to the Posist sect of Zarasaism.


The group originated sometime in the 14th century as the Sunrise Horde swept through the region. As Vanoshans opposed their Mahavi invaders, some syncretism developed between Zarasaist, Vanoshan, and Mahavi folk beliefs. This religious movement grew popular among warriors in the highlands of Vanosha who created initially a code of conduct for members of the society to adhere to. These rules generally were that all members swore to secrecy of the code of honor, and that they would respect society members in battle and after death.

As the industrial revolution took hold in Vaniu, the need for mercenary horsemen declined and the role of the Vyać declined. Some societies disbanded while others associated with local nobles and became involved with various sporting, military, or workers' union organizations. The society was most notably opposed to kuulist organizations throughout the 20th century, though some groups split and became associated with them. The most notable political association was with Vanosha's National Agrarian Movement, where many high ranking members of the society held key functions in Vanosha. Today their exact number of posić is unknown due to political crackdowns and their association with various conspiracies, as they are an easy target for political figures.