West Veridia

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West Veridia
Khúnvijrtia (Veridian)
Kyn Víríta/Źyte Rosźigè (Rosian)
Flag Unofficial flag of the independence movement
Largest City Ucas
Official languages Veridian
Ethnic groups Ros, Veridian
Demonym Veridian
 -  Initial Occupation 1945 
 -  Official annexation from Rosland 1951 
 -  67,036.4 km2
25,883 sq mi
 -  2014 estimate 3,806,823

West Veridia (Also known as South Rosland) is a landlocked Veridian province and exclave that lies between Rosland and Azerin, it covers an area of 67,036.4km² and has a population of 3,806,823, 99% of which being ethnic Ros. Since Language and Culture act of 1987 West Veridia is the first and only province of Veridia to have two officially recognised languages; Rosian and Veridian.

The area today known as West Veridia has historically been part of Rosland, and while officially governed by Veridia since the end of the Great Ekuosian War, Rosland still claims it as their territory and sovereignty over the area remains a major source of dispute between the two countries.

Due to it’s relative isolation from the rest of the country, West Veridia exercises a certain level of de facto autonomy, despite being de jure controlled by the central government. Though in the last few decades the Veridian government has been making efforts to integrate the West with the rest of the country culturally and economically, the West remains Veridia’s most underdeveloped province and this remains one of the major contributing factors to the province’s chronic unrest.


While officially called the West Veridian Province, or West Veridia, this name is not accepted by those who do not support Veridia’s sovereignty over the region. In Rosland, or by those who support the Rosian state’s claim, the region tends to be referred to as South Rosland, or as the "southern regions", as West Veridia, if seceded back to Rosland, would become part of the provinces of Tsàkhyrhö and Zybhö.

Recent years have, however, seen support for reunification with Rosland fall to all time low since the annexation of the region as well as the rise of support within West Veridia for independence from either Rosland or Veridia. Factions within the pro-independence camp have yet to come up with a name for the potential state and usually refer to it simply as ‘the occupied territory’.


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