Wihela Īni

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Wihela Īni is the capital of the Tuanmali state of Japezīn. Despite its political importance, its population is not large, as most of the state's population lives on the western border, near Wīcos in the outskirts of the Capital Corridor.

Wihela Īni
State capital city
Etymology: Bright Brother
 • Total41,690


Wihela Īni began as a planned settlement, one half of twin cities, each on one bank of the Ēci Zhigid (Two Sisters) River. The first was named Wihela Īni (Bright Brother), with the second intended to be named Kala Īni (Dark Brother). After the city failed to attract many inhabitants, Kala Īni was not incorporated, and today both sides of the river are part of Wihela Īni.

Notable people

Despite its small size and remote location, a surprising number of notable people were born and raised in Wihela Īni.

  • singer Marzu Bedzi, who after gaining widespread fame in the 1960s, insisted all his subsequent records be produced in his hometown of Wihela Īni
  • the mother of current prime minister Kitze Dzene; the prime minister continues to have family in the area
  • Shānzan Bec, geologist known for developing the Bec refining process now used widely in Tuanmali mining