Wuetivort Salmos

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Wuetivort Salmos
Wuetivort during an official cabinet meeting
Born (1977-05-12) May 12, 1977 (age 42)
Jgulkeyon, Shohuan
TitleMinister of Information
Term2013 - Present

Wuetivort Salmos is the current Minister of Information of the Shohuanese Government. He is the eldest grandson of Kvad Salmos, a popular war hero from the Great Ekuosian War. He is considered a new guard of the Republican Party as he was not only appointed to the position at the age of 36, but has been rumored to be involved with notable activists of the Epeyist Party. He is seen by some as a potential future prince as he has since shaped his public image to disassociate himself from the past minister's controversial stances and implemented reforms such as banning all forms of torture and releasing several persons convicted of crimes without due process.


Not much is known of Wuetivort's early life other than his birth in Jgulkeyon. He was born to middle class parents in Jgulkeyon and later went to university to study Law. He was considered extremely proficient in his classes and is a polyglot, studying Komanian, Balakian, and Cermanian becoming proficient in these, while also being capable of basic conversation in Kavrinian and Lugidan. He participated in various sports clubs during his university years where he was exposed to several of these languages. Upon graduating, he joined Shohuan's Armed Forces as an officer in the Military Police. Wuetivort would eventually become the appointed assistant to the Minister of Information in 2006 as a result of currently classified conditions involving a drug smuggling operation. He later would be appointed on May 7, 2013 to the position of Minister of Information after the previous resigned over the growing influence of the Republican New Guard faction within the Shohuanese government.