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The Joint Republic of Yerlan
Ar iẑu fefaure a'Jërlä.png
Ar Iẑu Fefaure a'Jérlá
Flag of Yerlan Official Coat of Arms of Yerlan
Flag Coat of Arms
Motto: “Veẑau a'veẑau”
People of People
Location of Yerlan on Sahar
The Joint Republic of Yerlan shown in green
Political map of Yerlan
Yerlan divided into its 38 counties
45°4′N 9°77′E
Largest Lein
Official languages Yená
Recognised regional languages Ensian
Demonym Yerlanis
Government Dual Democratic Republic
 -  Chief Minister Goya Maur
 -  Vice Chief Minister None
 -  Minister of Slaŝa Barseni Ẑeusa
 -  Minister of Ráseum Parca A'Sisse
 -  Elected Official of the Harbor Arté Mosen
Unification of Slaŝa and Ráseum
 -  Eiyrgorosian tribes ~10 BCE 
 -  Empires of Slaŝa and Ráseum ~1500 CE 
 -  Shohyuanese Slaŝa
 -  Slaŝa Independence
 -  Unification 1874 CE 
 -  Total 1,340,020.32 km2
517,384.74 sq mi
 -  Water (%) 7.42%
 -  Water 99,452.85 km2
38,398.96 sq mi
 -  Terrestrial 1,240,567.47 km2
478,985.78 sq mi
 -  2017 estimate 195,140,740 (4th)
 -  Density 145.63/km2
56.23/sq mi
GDP (PPP) 2017 estimate
 -  Total 38,012
GDP (nominal) 2017 estimate
 -  Total $7,640.868 billion
 -  Per capita $39,155.68
Gini (2017)0.509
HDI (2016)0.810
very high
Currency Yerlan Kaneun (YRK)
Time zone SCT (+0:30 to +1)
Date format dd-mm-yyyy CE
Drives on the right
Calling code +70
Internet TLD .yr

Yerlan (English pronunciation: /ˈjərlæn/ | Yenán: JërläScript.png Jérlá IPA: /ˈjɚlʌ/), officially the Joint Republic of Yerlan (Yenán: Ar iẑu fefaure a'Jërlä.png, Ar Iẑu Fefaure a'Jérlá; IPA: /ɐɹ iʒu fefɐuɹe ɐ'jəɹlʌ/), is a country located on the eastern border of Southwest Miraria. To it's south lies the Gulf of Sharkunen and to the north Yerlan is bordered by both The Nmasinha as well as the Gelög Sea. Yerlan is also bordered by Kadya and Lugida to the southwest, Liosol to the west, and Ceothia and Waytseia to the east. Yerlan consists of two states; Slaŝa, in the northwest; and Ráseum, in the southeast. These two states both hold rule over the whole, hence a joint republic. Yerlan was formed in 1874 CE (110212 CE) out of need for unification during times of tremendous civil war and internal strife between the two once separate empires. During the initial merger between the two states, Yerlan was officially dubbed, "The Joint Great Republic Between the States of Slaŝa and Ráseum" Yenán: "Ar Iẑu Zifefauré co ar Coráŝér ak Slaŝa car ak Ráseum" before being shortened to what it is today. Historically, the greater Yerlan area is the birthplace of the Mesi-Eiyra language family.


Yerlan is an anglicization of the Yenán word, jérlá /ˈjɚlʌ/ which is derived from an older Yenán word, aterlon /ˈæteɹˌlɑn/ which was a deity of water, lakes, and wind in the Eiyrnas religion.




Yerlan is a dual republic, meaning that there are two mostly separate republics in the states of Slaŝa and Ráseum which work together in order to coincide as a whole country. Each republic has it's own minister and each republic is overseen by the chief minister, who is considered the head of state. Each state can have differing laws so long as they do not contradict federal law statutes, any laws passed within a particular state that is not federal law is considered "common law". The only federal regulation upon the State's common law legislation is that it must involve a direct referendum for the people of that state, therefore both Slaŝa and Ráseum have differing legislatures concerning common law.


Yerlan's higher governmental positions include the Chief Minister of Yerlan, the Vice Chief Minister of Yerlan, the Ministers of Slaŝa and Ráseum, and the Elected Official of the Harbor. These five positions are the highest positions of legislative and political power in Yerlan, with the Chief and Vice Chief Minister of Yerlan as well as the Elected Official of the Harbor being the most powerful and highest positions obtainable. All of these positions are open to any full citizen of the Joint Republic of Yerlan with certain stipulations such as:

  1. Must have full Yerlanis citizenship
  2. Must be 25 years of age or older
  3. Must have lived in Yerlan for at least 95% of their life
  4. Must have no criminal convictions higher than petty crimes
  5. Must have no allegiances towards other states
  6. Must be currently residing in Yerlan during elections and have a permanent residence in Yerlan

Federal Law

Federal laws can be drafted in two manners. Firstly, either state ministry can draft a law meant for the federal level and as long as it passes the referendum on both it's individual state and the federal level, it will be given to vote upon in the Yerlan Head Congress. Secondly, the head minister of Yerlan can send out a draft to both state's public referendums, from there the process is the same as before assuming at least one state passes the referendum for further vote.

Head Congress
Final Vote

After the Head Congress passes a law, it goes through four final persons who have the power to veto the law before it is officially written into Yerlan federal law. These four people are: the Head Minister of Yerlan, the Minister of Slaŝa, the Minister of Ráseum, and the Elected Official of the Harbor. Each persons veto, except the elected official of the harbor's, has the chance to be overridden through any of the other two ministers and the minister to be overridden's respective public referendum's vote (in the case of the Head Minister, the federal referendum). The elected official of the harbor's veto can only be overridden with the power of all three ministers and the federal referendum's vote, thus making the elected official of the harbor's vetoes exceedingly difficult to override.

Common Law

Common law is defined as: any law enacted by the individual states of either Slaŝa or Ráseum that is to be followed by citizens in residence or in visitation of the aforementioned states. Common laws are drafted in a state and voted for only within the state itself and therefore holds jurisdiction only within the state that it is drafted in. However, these laws must not violate any aspect of Federal Law.

Common Law of Slaŝa
Common Law of Ráseum

Administrative divisions

The Republic of Yerlan consists of two states, Slaŝa and Ráseum, which are further divided into 38 counties, that are grouped into 11 Governorates, six in Ráseum and five in Slaŝa.

Foreign Relations


The Yerlanis military is technically broken into three comprehensive categories, Offensive Units, Defensive Units, and Intelligence Units. However, the Yerlanis military is usually broken into more self-explanatory categories, which are actually sub-units of the previous three mentioned. These include, Navy, Airforce, Groundforce, Border guard and Disaster Units, Special Ops, and Intel.


Yerlan has its own distinctive culture, and its modern popular cultures are also being influential to the Soltenna area along with its political power to the area and its economical success; nonetheless, popular cultures from foreign countries, mostly the music, movie and animations from Liosol, Herdek and Ceothia, have gained some popularity in certain subcultural communities.