House of Yobátmás

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Royal/clergy house
CountryGrand Ekuostian Empire
Founded622 (622)
FounderDará the Elder
Final ruler
  • Koruos II (Emperor of Ekuostia)
  • Cebuos III (Archlord of Ekuostia)
Current headN/A
EthnicityEkuostian, Azri

House Yobátmás was a royal dynasty originating from Ekuostia in the 7th century CE. Initially a minor house of low-ranking Iovist clergymen hailing from the island of Tolbayad, the dynasty grew in prominence over the centuries as servants to higher dynasties until it became the eighth dynasty to come into power in Palace City in 1006. Staying true to its roots, the dynasty would often fund missionary trips and spend a lot of time commissioning the construction of Iovist places of worship.

The dynasty's hold on Ekuostia flourished in the late 12th century, when in 1173 Ástlem Yobátmás declared the Grand Ekuostian Empire. Some historians refer to the Ekuostian Empire as the "Dominion of Yobátmás" as the dynasty held the title for the entirety of the empire's life.

The dynasty suffered a major blow in 1477 when Palace City was conquered by the Neviran Empire and the Yobátmás host was forced to flee north to Rydkes. They then were officially removed from power over Ekuostia in 1517 after losing the Palace War to Olboros forces following the latter's successful liberation of the city from Neviran rule. Following their defeat, the Yobátmás dynasty continued to reign over the state-region of Ekuostia, but not the Kingdom of Ekuostia itself. The dynasty eventually died out in 1741.




Notable members

  • Gerut I
  • Gálas
  • Ástlem, also known simply as Yomtasud, was the founder of the Ekuostian Empire and without any question the most important ruler in Ekuostian history. A classic conqueror—beginning his conquests at age 15—Ástlem lived to be 91 years old before dying of an insect-induced fever in northern Guskytemia, meaning for nearly 80 years he had been conquering and organizing lands for his rule. The empire was effectively built by Ástlem and arguably remained standing for as long as it did only because of him.
  • Koruos the Butcher