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Akamyokulta flag.png
Flag of the Yokulta nation
Total population
c. 60,300 (2018 estimate)
Regions with significant populations
 Akamyokulta 48,000
remaining 3 thousands lives in some other countries
Niryokulta, Ngumyokulta, Duryk, Ngeyv, (Vushyokulta)

The Yokultans (Niryokulta: Jokulčald [ˈjokʰʊɫt͡ɕɑɫt]; Ngumyokulta: Joǩõlčäld [ˈjoxɤɫt͡ɕɑɫt]; Vushyokulta: Juollžəld [ˈjuo̯l:t͡ʃəlt]; Duryk: ?? [...]; Ngeyv: ?? [...]) are an ethnic group that originally comes from northwest Miraria. The vast majority of them lives in Akamyokulta and minorities also reside in Durykia and Ngeyvger.


The national language of Yokultans is Niryokulta. Out of ~60,000 Yokultans, about 55,000 speak it as their L1 and is estimated that not more than 3,000 speak it as L2. About 1,200 of northern Yokultans in addition to Niryokulta also speak Ngumyokulta, a dialect of Niryokulta that is considered a separate language by some linguists. Small number of enthusiasts tried to revive dead language Vushyokulta, sister language to Niryokulta formerly spoken Durykia, so it now has a few L2 speakers.

The rest of Yokultans speak Duryk or Ngeyv, with a little or none knowledge of Niryokulta.


The name in Niryokulta literally stands for "Yokulta people"; jokul means "person or human", -čal is a derivational affix meaning "person" and -d is a plural marker. The same applies for names in other Yokultan languages.




Flag of Ngumyokultans and Northern Islands Region

Ngumyokultans are a subgroup living in Northern Islands Region, with ethnic population of about 1,500. Most of them speak Ngumyokulta as well as Niryokulta as their native language.


Vushyokultans, sometimes called Durykian Yokultans, are a small group residing in western Durykia. It is estimated that ethnic population is about 300 people. They used to speak Vushyokulta, now dead language of the Yokultan language family that went extinct in 20s of 20th century; several attempts to revive the language were made, so Vushyokulta now has a small number of L2 speakers, including Nierva Ŋeivis.



The religion of Yokultans is Ahpejokulčaldid, though nowadays number of people who practise it slowly decreases.