Ystelo-Atruozan languages

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South Baredina, Ystel
Linguistic classification:One of Sahar's primary language families
Proto-language:Proto-Ystelo-Atruozan language
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The Ystelo-Atruozan languages form a language family in the Atruosphere of South Baredina and in the entirety of Ystel. It has two primary branches, the Atruozan branch, spoken in South Baredina and the southern part of Ystel, and the Ystelic branch spoken in the north and east of Ystel.

Notable languages of the former include Atruozan and Ärinäs. The Ystelian branch is also fairly diverse, and includes Gfiewish (the official language of Gfiewistan), the Maponic languages spoken mostly in Mermelia, as well as Kranxramic and Shelhan.