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Ethnicity:40,870 Yucho
Kasiiralq (Yaro Islands)
Linguistic classification:One of Sahar's primary language families

Yucho (Yucho: [jutʃo]), sometimes also Yuchic, is a small language family, occasionally considered a language isolate, spoken by the Yucho people of the Yaro archipelago, with a small community inhabiting the mouth of the Enyet river basin on the Kasiiralqi mainland.

Yucho is commonly separated into four main dialects or languages: Hirachir, Nirewo, Tuskurasu and Enyet. Of these, Hirachir is the most widely spoken with around 25,000 speakers, followed by Nirewo with around 11,000, Tuskurasu with around 4,000 and Enyet with around 600. Mutual intelligibility between Nirewo and Tuskurasu is reported to be low, with Hirachir appearing to be largely transitional between the two. All island dialects have low intelligibility with Enyet. The standard Yucho language is a koine based primarily on Hirachir, but with contributions from Nirewo, Tuskurasu and, to a lesser extent, Enyet.

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