Zôçey Seğâren

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Zochey Segharen
Zōçey Seğāren
Zôçey Seğâren
3rd President of Balakia
In office
February 24, 2014 – May 22, 2019
Preceded byVin Svêjen
Succeeded byTamasym Kygantovon
2nd Great Khan of Gushlia
In office
March 21, 2018 – November 18, 2018
Preceded bySagam II
Succeeded byŞakan I
Personal details
Born (1967-10-02) October 2, 1967 (age 55)
Samadar, Komania
Koman (1967 - 2001)
Political partyParty for the Republic
FatherSagam II
Alma materImperial State College

Zôçey Seğâren (born 2 October 1967) is a Balak-Gushli former politician who served as the third president of Balakia from February 24 2014 until his resignation on May 22 2019, and was the 2nd Great Khan of Gushlia from March 21 2018 until November 18 2018. He was a key figure during the collapse of the Union of Shomosvan, and has remained a notable force in Balak politics following the country's independence in 2001.

Seğâren was born in the Koman capital of Samadar, where he resided and grew up with the rest of the Gushli royal family. Here he studied politics at the Imperial State College and acquired knowledge of military tactics through traditional studies programs.

In 1999 Seğâren began assisting fledgling republican groups in uprisings against the Shomosvani government, having already collaborated with the Koman government to X. X. Following Balakia's independence from Shomosvan and the establishment of the Provisional Government, Seğâren became a member of the Party for the Republic, and was appointed as the new country's first Minister for Defence in 2002 by President Çinden Kadanaşim. It was at this time that he renounced all future claims to the Gushli throne, effectively severing his royal ties with the rest of the Seğâren dynasty, declaring his intent to fully dedicate himself to the republic he helped to birth. Seğâren resigned as Minister for Defence in [year] due to disagreements with President Kadanaşim's policies and concerns over his legitimacy to govern the country.

Following the death of his father Sagam II and his successive ascension to the throne, Seğâren became a party to the Gushli succession crisis. From here his presidency has been mired in controversy and subject to backlash from critics, especially in light of his initial rejection of the throne.

Seğâren announced his resignation from his post in May 2019 after being placed under house arrest by the Balak Armed Forces for two weeks in a coup d'état.

Early life

Born on 2 October 1967 in Samadar, Komania, Seğâren is the youngest son of Sagam II of Gushlia and (TBD). His brother was (TBD). The Gushli royal family had been living in exile following the establishment of the Union of Shomosvan in 1952, hosted by the Koman royal family.

He attended the Imperial State College, reserved for nobility, where he studied politics and acquired knowledge of military tactics through traditional studies programs, graduating in (year).

Early career

Collapse of Shomosvan

Motivated by his desire for the liberation of Balakia and Gushlia from the Kúúlist Shomosvani regime, Seğâren began to co-operate with the Koman government, in particular the Ministry of National Security, in 1995 to X. Following the absorption of Zinsha and Vogia into Shomosvan in 1996, Seğâren became involved in the disruption of already-weak supply lines between the newly acquired territories and the political core, engaging in raids and other forms of sabotage.

In 1999 Seğâren was tasked with directly assisting Koman-supported rebel groups using the knowledge of military tactics he gained at the ISC in the aftermath of the Rasha Insurrection.

Minister for Defence

Following the achievement of full independence from the Union of Shomosvan and the establishment of a provisional government under President Çinden Kadanaşim in 2001, Seğâren was appointed as the country's first Minister of Defence.

President of Balakia

Great Khan of Gushlia

Political positions

Seğâren has identified himself with the (TBD) conservative position with his party. Though generally economically liberal, he believes that finding a middle ground between national strength and individual and cultural freedoms is important, and that a conciliation between tradition and change should be reached, in order to prevent blind pursuit of one or the other. To these ends he supports the rights of individual states in Balakia whilst also supporting a strong federal government to keep them in order.

Eastern Vaniuan Association

Seğâren is an advocate for cooperation and the reduction of trade barriers between the nations of eastern Vaniua, and supports the Eastern Vaniuan Association.

Personal life


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