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A view of the city from the Nîme river
A view of the city from the Nîme river
Etymology: t͡ɕʼə̰p eep Bay City
Diamond Bay City
DistrictDistrict of Zefida
SubdistrictZefida Metropolitan Area
 • Total3,023,630
 Urban Area (Boroughs only)
Time zoneUTC-1 (SCT)

Zefida (pronunciation: /t͡səfida/ in Herdwate) is the capital and largest city of the Kingdom of Herdek. It is also the capital city of the homonym district and of the region of Zêdek. It is located on the coast of Timagha Bay, on the estuary of the river Nîme.

Zefida is known also for being the City of the Diamond Bay. The bay refers to the Timagha Bay, while the Diamond refers to the Diamond Palace (Kemyate Palace), the complex of buildings where the king and the queen along with their families live and take decisions. The city has one of the most important ports in Herdek, along with Rwinek, Hazifek, Swêrgeda and Tavedek. Moreover its international airport, Kasena International, is the most important of the whole country.

Zefida is the main financial, political and economical city of Herdek. Moreover, it is one of the main cultural centres of the country, along with Lughifa and Hazifek







Entertainment and arts

Zefida is the main producer of movies and animation in Herdek. Zefida houses many studios, like NorthStar Studios, one of the main studios in Herdek producing movies, sitcoms and TV programmes.

Similarly to the rest of the country, also in Zefida theaters are divided into acting theatres, where only shows and plays are performed, ballet theatres, where only ballet and music are performed, and mixed theatres, in which both shows and dance are performed. Zefida counts with five main only acting theatres, seven main mixed theatres and three main dancing theatres, along with some other minor theatres and temporary stages.

Shows are very appreciated by Zefidians. Plays have always been a way to escape the reality with all of its boredom, pain and issues. The genre of play Zefidians like the most is comedy, in accordance with the tradition. Moreover, also romantic and mythologic plays are very popular. Zefida is the place of birth of many play writers and actors. Great plays by important companies are played in main theatres.

Ballet is a very noble and ancient tradition in Zefida. Only aristocratic girls used to dance in ballets and join a company. Nowadays, things are changed, but the ballet has kept the same essence it had in the past. Ballets in main ballet theatres are mostly for rich and refined people. A ballet can last from one to three hours and it is a mixture of elegance, technique and gesture acting. These and many other elements mix up together to bmake Zefidian ballet so enjoyable and well known.

Music is really appreciated by Zefidian people. Zefida offers a wide selection of genres and styles, ranging from classical music to "New Music". Zefida houses many recording houses, and is the place of birth or residence of many Herdekian artists. Moreover, many concerts and live performances are hosted in Zefida, mostly in Zefida's Central Park, in Royalty Square, in Northstar Bowl and in Dagha Arena.



Zefida is a widely connected city, both to itself and to its surroundings.

Urban transportation

Zefidian urban transportation net is very wide: you can reach any zone of the city with minimal or no effort. Most of urban transportation in Zefida is run by ZJG (Zefited Jenkted Gapêghare, Zefidan Transportation Society), and it includes a wide net of subways, tram lines and urban buses.

Car and bike sharing
By car and on foot

National and international transportation

Zefida's Central Station

Zefida is well connected by train to the other cities of Zêdek and Herdek in general. The city is served by 12 railway stations, of which 6 are run only by Herchêgek, 4 only by ZTS (Zêdek Transportation Service) and 2 by both. Moreover, Zefida is served by four Herchêgek high speed lines: Samêda-Zefida, Mayêdek-Hazifek, Rwifida-Wia and Zefida-Muthighek, departing from Zefida's Central Station. Since Zefida is not a border city, it has no direct railway connection with foreign cities. That means that one has to have at least one stopover to go abroad from Zefida.

Terminal 5 of Zefida-Kasena International Airport

Zefida is served by three airports: Kasena International Airport, Dêzwek International Airport and Waze Airport. The main airport is Kasena International, from which long and medium haul international flights depart. The second international airport, Dêzwek International, has mostly medium and short haul flights (Mostly Soltenna). The third airport is used just for internal flights and a couple of international flights a week.




International relations