Zwazwan Empire

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Zwazwan Empire
The Zwazwan Empire at its greatest extent
Capital Dovamon
Languages Zwazwan
Religion Pashaism
Government Not specified
 •  Established Enter start year
 •  Discontinuation 1889
Today part of  Zwazwamia

The Zwazwan Empire refers to a period of the history of Zwazwamia wherein the state was at the height of its regional power and territorial expansion. The Empire's territory at its peak comprised modern day Zwazwamia and Amaia, with areas of modern-day Balakia also under its suzerainty.

The beginnings of the Zwazwan state can be traced to the aftermath of the collapse of the Great Horde, which created a power vacuum in eastern Vaniua. Among the Amaian and Voontic clans, the coastal Zwazwa clan rose to prominence through an inflow of both people and capital; as a majority-Pashaist territory, the Zwazwa clan's holdings were rare in the region, and the clan accepted Pashaist migrants from across Balakia who sought to escape persecution at the hands of the Zarasaist leadership of the new Vaniuan petty kingdoms.


Although Zwazwan imperial ambitions were curbed in the Balak-Zwazwan War and subsequent creation of the Balak Empire in 1866, the Zwazwan Empire would remain a secondary power until 1889, when Balak intervention in the War of Amaian Independence culminated in the independence of Amaia as a Zarasaist-majority state. Although Amaian independence had little impact on Zwazwamia's total population, the loss of the majority of its holdings and humilation at the hands of the rising Balak Empire eliminated its regional influence.



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