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cum c;u
Flag of Cumcur
Location of Cumcur
Country Karduv
 • Total29,975.2 km2 (11,573.5 sq mi)
 • Total6,681,165
 • Density220/km2 (580/sq mi)
Official languagesKarduvic

Cumcur (Karduvic: cum c;u Cumcur [t͡súmt͡sūˀ]), officially the Province of Cumcur (Karduvic: cum c;u y;au veng Cumcur Yaur Veng), is a Province of Karduv. It borders the provinces of Zovye, Sugung, Vyechyo, Vyezur, and Yeyervye, while the province and capital city of Vordeng is enclaved within it. Its capital is Pakyuzho, it is the most populous province with a population of over 6.5 million, and the eighth largest in land area.


The name “Cumcur” transparently means “grass,” though it is not the word for grass in Karduvic. It is believed to be derived from a reduplication of the Proto-Kwang word *tsum. The name potentially referred to the entirety of Karduv due to the richness of the land, but later came to refer to the province specifically as more of Karduv was settled by the Karduvic people.


Cumcur is the traditional heartland of Karduv. After the expansion and fall of the Kingdom of Lorgung, Cumcur and its surroundings became more populous than the original Karduvic homeland within the Northern Phaswa Mountains. As the various Karduvic states in the Phaswa Mountains came under Qonklese rule, the lands around Cumcur remained home to various states following the fall of Lorgung. The province continued to grow throughout the centuries, with various cities growing along the fertile Lercur River, including Karduv’s current capital of Vordeng.


Cumcur is split by the Lercur River, which runs throughout Eastern Karduv and Seang Pe. This river is home to the population center of the province, with cities like Haser, Pakyuzho, Kamur, and Kezushing being located along the river. Cumcur remains mostly flat, though portions of the Kyengor Mountains surround it, providing a small but fertile drainage basin.