Jozon City Domestic Airport

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Jozon City Domestic Airport
Airport typePublic
Owner/OperatorJozon City
ServesJozon, Tuanmali

Jozon City Domestic Airport is the older of two commercial airports serving Jozon, Tuanmali. Unlike Jozon City International Airport, Jozon City Domestic Airport exclusively handles in-country traffic, primarily air cargo and mail.


Jozon City Domestic Airport began life as a private airfield owned by a local shipping magnate fascinated by what was at the time new technology. In the years that followed, her family realized the value of combining their cargo shipments with the capacity of air travel, and began operating cargo flights from their airfield. Under pressure from the city and competing shipping companies, the airfield was eventually sold to the city of Jozon, though the founding family retains a stake in the profits to this day. At this time it was renamed to the Jozon City Airport.

The airfield's expansion was limited by physical geography, limiting in turn the volume of flights it could handle, and in YEAR the city government funded the building of a second airfield, Æslin Airport. Between the two airports, Jozon became the primary hub for air cargo in Tuanmali, and the prospect of international air cargo became increasingly attractive. Unfortunately, due to Jozon City Airport's smaller runway lengths, it was unsuitable for international flights. As a result, these flights were accepted by Æslin Airport instead, with Jozon City Airport specializing even further in smaller domestic cargo flights, focusing on smaller planes that could land in the shorter, less-accessible airstrips of Tuanmali's western states. It was then that it was renamed yet again to the Jozon Domestic City Airport, with Æslin Airport becoming the Jozon International City Airport.