Mirarian Theater

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Mirarian Theater
??? troops pose for a picture on a captured Lugidan tank
Date1944 to 1951
Result "Allied" victory;
Soltenna liberated from Unity
 Qonklese Republic
 Lugida (until 1949)
Alotol Poemanja
Helsonian Union USHR (1949 onwards)
 Lugida (1949 onwards)
Casualties and losses
Military dead:
Civilian dead:
Total dead:
Military dead:
Civilian dead:
Total dead:

The Mirarian Theatre of the Great Ekuosian War, commonly referred to as the Great War in Soltenna, ...

The war was fought between two sides:



  • March 4th Ci Düv is voted into the Qonklese Parliament; the Qonklese Republic becomes officially fascist, and renames itself the “Qonklese Empire”. Emperor Sæl X, the 99th emperor since the first dynasty, is restored to the throne.
  • September 30th Aten Katle launched a coup d’etat on the Lugid government at the time.


  • December 17th The Qonklese Empire, together with Lugida’s Aten Katle, declared its association with the Veridian Republic, thus joining both countries into the Unity and went fascist. The Great Ekuosian War spreads to Soltenna.
  • December 18th Liosol declared neutrality but cites that it will rescind its claim if Riyana or Hux Kham are attacked.

Course of war

Most historians agree that, although the war in Ekuosia had already begun, the Soltennan War was not set into motion until the Qonklese Empire declared war on Riyana.


  • January 25th The Qonklese Empire declared war on Riyana.
  • January 25th Liosol declared war on the Qonklese Empire but kept peace with Fascist Lugida, using Kadya as a natural buffer.
  • March 25th The Qonklese Imperial Army launched an attack on the Riyan capital in an event known as the Rape of Cuáma. More than 56,000 Riyan nationals were brutally slaughtered.