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Province of Saraj

Saraj Caheh
Flag of Province of Saraj
Coat of arms of Province of Saraj
Coat of arms
Saraj The Blessed One
Country Komania
 • BodySaraj Assembly
 • GovernorKhassadan Denli
 • Total8,012,229
Official languagesKoman

Saraj (Koman: Saraj Saraj [sɒrɒʒ]), officially the Province of Saraj (Koman: SARAJ ZŌTAǦ Saraj Zôtagh [sɒrɒʒ zoːtäx]), is a landlocked province of Komania, bordering the provinces of Khurjan, Uhem, Khumar, Ihlar, and Khirim. Its capital is Samadar. Saraj is the Xth largest of Komania's 27 provinces, and the most populous, with around 8 million inhabitants. Despite being heavily populated, the province is only X km2, being one of the smallest provinces of the Imperial State. Saraj is officially part of the Samadar Princely State and its capital Samadar serves as both a provincial and princely seat. The province is noted for its densely packed population, mostly centred around the Baykheshur river within the Hayeman valley.

Apart from having the largest city in Komania, Saraj has historically been the seat of many empires, including the Great Horde and the Mishar-led Baysanid Khanate, displaying a large variety of cultures and historical sites.






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