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The Northern War
Date1911 to 1917
Result Stalemate, balanced towards an Eastern advantage. Secession of Shalorja, Aastojog and Raktharia from Nordjaelm. Creation of Arrym.
 Sanmra (until 1913)
 Shalorja (province of Nordjaelm)
Province of Āstojog
 Raktharia (province of Nordjaelm)
23x15px Arrym
Casualties and losses
Military dead:
Civilian dead:
Total dead:
Military dead:
Civilian dead:
Total dead:

The Northern War, sometimes known as the Great Alpic War was a war fought on Alpa between 1911 and 1915 which involved most of the countries in the region. It was arguably the most brutal and destructive war on Alpa due to the advent of modern technology, and greatly changed the political climate of the continent. It also led to the Shalorjan, Rakthar and Aasty revolts which lead to the independence of countries of Shalorja, Raktharia and Aastoyog, as well as a partial dissolution of the Nordjaelmish Empire.

The war was fought between two sides:

  • The "Western" side, which included The Empire of Nordjaelm and its core provinces (Acokkonn, Þalkankonn, Legjokkonn, Dazavokkon and Rílkonn) as well as its vassal states of Shalorja, Raktharia and Aastoyog. Sanmra also provided financial and partial military support until 1913
  • The "Eastern" side, which included many Arrymian tribes as well as Tomeria


  • In 1911, The Empire of Nordjaelm sent the ambassador Vrejheṡ tao Oṡraðij to communicate with tribal leaders in Arrym to gather support from them, eventually to enact a plan of vassalisation as to gain access to the Dragon Sea to the East of Alpa and to Miraria. Vrejheṡ is executed by Arrymian chieftan Brou Gworamy for interfering in the dealings of his people, greatly angering the 26th Emperor of Nordjaelm, Hannjaḳ (Full name Hannjaḳ Alajnr Oṡanërtejð tol Kjonnij Vazar tao Kérannij), leading to talks of an invasion of Arrym by Nordjaelm and its tributaries.

Course of the War

  • Nordjaelm invades Arrym in the late summer of 1911, and is met with fierce resistance in the mountains that border Raktharia.
  • Nordjaelm calls Raktharian tribal vassals to its aid, bolstering its forces and allowing it to push into Arrym by the early autumn.
  • Nordjaelm slowly pushes into Arrym, its forces making its way to the more populous and urbanised north-east, but is strained by having to march its armies through narrow and hazardous mountain passes in Raktharia. Arrymian forces are generally disorganised due to their tribal structure and cannot face Nordjaelm's legions using conventional warfare, instead relying on guerrilla and hit-and-run tactics (made possible by the more maneuverable and independent nature of Arrymian forces and their knowledge of native terrain)
  • By mid autumn of 1911, Arrymian forces are pushed into northern Sanmra and western Tomeria. This prompts Sanmra to join the war on Nordjaelm's side, as there are large dalar minority groups within Nordjaelm. Sanmran forces cut off the retreat of Arrymian forces, and push north into southern Arrym
  • Nordjaelmish forces follow retreating Arrymian forces into western Tomeria, prompting Tomeria to join the war on Arrym's side and push against the invaders
  • Nordjaelmish navy sets of from Eluin at the south end of Shalorja, mostly composed of native Shalorjan conscripts. Their destination is the Bay of Arrym in the north-east of Alpa, meaning to navally besiege the Arrymian cities clustered by the coast at the Sea of Alpa, preventing any merchant ships from Miraria and elsewhere to deliver much needed goods to them.
  • Due to freak storms coming with the start of winter, a large portion of the Nordjaelmish fleet is destroyed on its way to Arrym, with about a third of its ships sinking along the way. This event is later considered one of the greatest disasters of the Nordjaelmish military during the course of the war. The fleet begins the blockade of the Bay of Arrym, prompting the northern Arrymian cities to unite and send a combined army southwards to cut off the Nordjaelmish army from its supply lines coming through Raktharia.