Hut Sunhutee Aktisa

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Hūt Ṣunhútē Ā́ktisā
Hut Srunhutee Ahktisah.jpeg
Hut Sunhutee Aktisa's portrait from the official state database.
Born (1978-04-19) April 19, 1978 (age 45)
Saku, Cananganam
OccupationChairman of the Cananangamese Kuulist Party
Years activeJuly 28, 2014 - Present

Hut Sunhutee Aktisa is the current Cananganamese Chairman, having been elected by Cananganam's Dhahatee, where he was elected as Cananganam's 19th Chairman after the passing of Hut Hajjee Hitee in 2014. He is typically ranked as the second most powerful member of Cananganam's government, behind the current Emperor Hut Hakhanykihtrihcha. Major reforms were passed under Aktisa's leadership, such as creating consumer standards, actively participating in the AEIOU, while maintaining positive relations with much of the Asurasphere. Aktisa has publicly stated that he would like to see Cananganam become a modern nation with Canamic values, as he has actively opposed efforts to industrialize the nation.

Hut Sunhutee Aktisa studied in Cananganam's Uhjja University, where he had achieved a masters degree in civil engineering. Practically a member of the Kuulist party since his birth under Kuulist policies, he had participated as a civil engineer from 2004 - 2012 when he had since become the youngest chairman of Cananganam's Kuulist government. His election saw popularity among most of Cananganam's populace who saw his election as much needed change for the country.

Early life

Hut Sunhutee Aktisa was born in the city of Saku to members the Kuulist Party, and as per party policy, when he had reached the age of 3, was brought into the Kuulist schooling system and separated from his parents as was custom in the period after civil war. He was raised in the now defunct Saku Nursing School, where for the next twelve years, he was raised in a purely Kuulist education within the confines of the city. The school was then shut down when the Nursing System was abolished under Chairman Hut Sujha Tamatsree, where he was transferred to the public system of schooling for the next three years and had graduated as second of his class in 1996. After his graduation from the public schooling, he would then enroll in the Uhjja University where he would obtain his masters degree in civil engineering in 2004.

Political Career

Hut Sunhutee Aktisa would officially join in the Kuulist party's activities when he was appointed as mayor of Samakha, where he would remain mayor until his appointment as Chairman of the Kuulist Party. He was politically active in the reformation faction during the de-thawing period where citizens' rights were slowly being obtained and the banning of the caste system in 2009 would later allow him to be a potential successor to then Chairman Hut Hajjee Hitee. Hitee and Aktisa would be close compatriots of one another until Hitee's passing in 2014 wherein Aktisa saw a sizable rise in his own popularity for his efforts in handling monsoon relief efforts throughout the nation during the drought of 2012. His popularity throughout the party slowly came to a peak in 2014 when, as Hitee had passed and Aktisa successfully maneuvered himself into the position of Chairman of the Kuulist Party of Cananganam. Aktisa was a firm supporter of Cananganam's entry into the AEIOU in 2014 and continued Hitee's legacy by solidifying Cananganam's presence within the AEIOU, with the goal of making Cananganam a "worthy successor of its legacy". Aktisa would break taboo regarding high level officials by participating in local community events and visiting several universities and schooling institutions throughout the country during 2017 as a part of his efforts to spread party-wide awareness for the lacking literacy rates in several regions of the interior which have been neglected since the Kuulist party took power. Aktisa has been publicly against the coal and oil industries of foreign powers, and has placed himself as a leading figure in the effort towards environmentalism, saying "Cananganam itself is most affected by the fact of global warming, and that it is perpetuated by foreign powers who have no care for Cananganam's spiritual health."

Personal Life

His wife is Hut Subhutee Apatree, with whom they have been married since 1999.